June 23, 2020

The Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program is hosting a Monologue Writing Competition for Native Youth, Ages 25 and Under. 

The writers of the two top monologues will each receive $100 prize and the option to either perform their own work as part of an online event or have a professional Native actor perform their work, subject to their preference. 

This is an opportunity for those new to theater to explore dramatic writing, and those who have already been working at it to refine their form with a specific exercise. A monologue is a theatrical piece in which only one character is speaking, or a chorus of characters is speaking in single voice. This can take many forms that include but are not limited to: speaking to the audience, speaking to another character, speaking to the ancestors or creator, reflecting to oneself, trying to figure something out, telling a story. It can be poetic, it can be funny, it can be angry, it can be strong, it can be whatever you want it to be. 

What do you want to hear a character share with the world right now? What kind of character do you think the world needs right now? Someone who is overcoming something? Someone funny? Wise? Just figuring things out? What might their presence in your community offer? What is it you want to say?

Monologues can be 1-5 minutes long or 1-2 pages. The deadline for submissions is August 7th. Please send all submissions to Submissions should be in either PDF or word format. 

The Front page must include:

-       Title of Monologue

-       Full Name

-       Tribal Affiliation

-       Date of Birth

-       Home Address

-       Email

-       Phone Number

Please email madeline.sayet@yale.eduwith any questions.  

The Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program will also be hosting two free playwriting workshops this summer taught by professional Native playwrights, that we will post more information about shortly. The writing workshops will be opportunities for all ages to try playwriting out or to continue developing your craft. Submissions for our annual Young Native Playwrights Contest will open this fall.